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Today marked an ending and a new beginning. I just completed my 4.5 week intensive training on Montessori approach in the gorgeous Bozeman, Montana through Age of Montessori. It was such a wonderful experience! There are no words to really describe it. I learned so much from everyone and feel much more centered and peaceful. Thank you to all the educators, staff, and students who made me look forward to going to class every day!

I wanted to thank everyone for their lovely birthday messages. This intensive means so much because I have a face, a story, and a memory for each of you now. No chance of feeling alone in this program.
A.T,. American Citizen in United Arab Emirates

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It was the most amazing, rewarding, peaceful, encouraging, inspiring,… experience I have ever had in my life, during my intensive course at Age of Montessori in Bozeman, Montana!

I met the most wonderful people in the world! Our class were just amazing! So friendly, welcoming, emotional and unique! Every single student had something very special to love about! I found many new best friends! Oh, I wish we were living close to each other! If so, I bet we would have been the closest best friends! I felt so close to many of them! It was so hard to say goodbye but I had to do so today I will miss them a lot! I wish this experience could have happened again!

I love you Bozeman, I love you Middle Creek, I love you Age of Montessori, I love you my lovely classmates, I love you my most wonderful loving teachers! I will miss you all a lot!
H.H., Pullman, WA, USA

I love AoM! It has been a transforming journey for me! I’m getting ready for my Internship to direct the children to learn through their inner teacher. Thanks AoM! M.A. Spokane, WA, USA 

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This course is a masterpiece!
—  J.N., Montessori Elementary Master Teacher, St. Charles, Missouri

If you really want to feel like you truly are making a difference, this is it, y’all! I spent four years working in juvenile corrections… the dim and empty eyes I encountered will haunt me to my dying day. I hid in retail management for almost fifteen years… not making a difference in lives bothered me. I didn’t want my final memorial to read, “She helped me buy a great wardrobe.”

Finally, we enrolled our daughter in a Montessori school, the changes in her within mere weeks was astounding. I took note of the calm and peaceful dispositions of her teachers, and wondered if there was something for adults in Montessori. I promise, teaching was never on my to do list.

Having completed this training, I am the happiest I have been in years. It is a rigorous training, but you will grow so much as a parent, person and teacher. I can honestly say, there is nothing more exciting than watching a three year old transition into reading. There is no price tag that can compare to what this course gives you. It only took me twenty years after college graduation to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’m so grateful for the Age of Montessori staff… they helped me find the best version of myself. If you’re thinking about it…. JUST DO IT!
— A.M., Bozeman, MT

I have a Master’s degree in Education, so I’ve taken many graduate level courses.  This is easily one of the best courses I’ve ever taken.  The material is presented in a clear, sequential way.  There are specific objectives and time lines.  Also, students are given an opportunity to learn by reading books, reading selected text on the website and watching videos.  It has been a wonderful addition to my knowledge of education.
—  P.M., Montana

I had been “dry” from academia. There was a certain point I came to, after having written so many essays, I said to myself, I have learned everything I need to learn, I will not advance any farther by writing more essays and another degree. This class is an exception, because it is deeply revealing and meaningful to me.
V.F., Ontario, Canada

I really do like technology when it can provide such things as this course!
J.A., Delano, Minnesota

Feel free to give my email address to anyone! I tend to discount “endorsements”, thinking the group only picked out good comments. If I really want to decide on a product or course, I’d want to speak to someone who actually was a satisfied customer.
—  P.M., Montana

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I like to understand how to remove the hindrances within me and the child that blocks the flow of growth and life.  I can see that there is so much more understanding and wisdom to be gained in this course and I am so grateful to partake in it.
—  M.M., Bloomington, Minnesota

These forums have helped a lot, they have done their job! Thank you!
—  Y.R., Miami, Florida

Thank you, Mary Ellen Maunz. I know now that a complete circle and understanding will come when I see the children and test out the materials.
V.F., Ontario, Canada

Only since participating in this on-line-course have I begun to understand it is the child who is the teacher and not the other way around. It is the child following the course of nature and not the adult’s will that is the true driving force.   P.M., Johannesburg, South Africa