How to Be One, How to Train One

Presented by:
Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder, Program Director and
Tani Kingston, B.A. Co-Executive Director

With established adult/child ratios in every state, almost all Montessori classrooms have an assistant. But what does that person do? How do we prepare him or her for the role? Come join experienced Montessorians as we discuss this important topic.

For more info on the new course:

Montessori Classroom Assistant Training


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  1. The training was very helpful. I am still currently working at Montessori school its been 8 years to working at Montessori school, and I am very familiar with Montessori materials. i will continue taking more training to educate myself so i can also share with some people with less knowledge on how to use the material in the classroom. Thank you very much.


  2. The webinar offered an awesome view of the assistant’s role in the Montessori classroom. I really appreciated the information on the different responsibilities that an assistant will take on in different classrooms as directed by the lead teacher.


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