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Montessori teacher training courses by Age of Montessori are both online and hands-on. The best way to learn to be a Montessori teacher is through our unique blended-learning approach. Plus you get affordable, MACTE-certified training!

Become a part of a world-wide community of enlightened educators who teach children the way they want to learn. Montessori education is more in demand than ever before — because it works!

We are committed to you throughout your Montessori teacher training course and walk you to the finish line. Experience a complete Montessori teacher training and certification that gives you the real depth and breadth of Maria Montessori’s legacy to the world.

The highest quality Montessori Teacher Training available today.

1. Online Montessori Teacher Training
Multimedia Rich and Engaging Distance Learning Course

Experience the genius of Maria Montessori’s discoveries in our warm online community environment that is content rich with:Age of Montessori offers rich and engaging online teacher training courses

• Multimedia presentations
• Interactive forum discussions
• Readings
• Archival videos of Montessori’s student, Elisabeth Caspari, Ph.D.

Develop new friendships with other students who are as passionate and committed as you are.

“I’m a former university teacher and I did teach some Moodle courses and this is a Moodle course that knows what it is doing. It is involving everyone, there is interaction and it is creating a community without saying ‘Let’s create community.’ It does it in a very informal manner.

“That’s really what I loved about Age of Montessori to begin with; I just could sense that it was real, there wasn’t any kind of ‘airs’ about it. It was simply ‘we love children. We’re here because we love children and we want to convey this message to the world of peace, community and harmony’ and in such a way as to not be obnoxious about it. You know, I’m from Dallas and where I’m from there aren’t a lot of hippies. I went to a school that I would identify with that kind of free love and free spirit kind of feel, but I’m still grounded and I’m still practical and Montessori is a mix of these two beautiful worlds.” – 2015 student, United Arab Emirates

2. In-Person Teacher Training – Residency Program

Hands-on Montessori teacher training with our in-person residency.

Learn how to present the Montessori lessons in both early childhood and elementary levels in the presence of our master teacher trainers.

“I think what the online does is it facilitates a beginning portion where you are taking in all of the theory and all of the reading and background information. You’re taking it in intellectually without getting your hands on all the materials. At first I was a little skeptical of that, thinking ‘hmm, I don’t know…’ But now I have talked to a few people who have done other trainings where they are doing it all at once. I really appreciate the fact that I have all that basis and all that foundation.

“When I’m actually going in and working with the materials, working with the lessons and practicing lessons, I have all that background. So, for example, when someone is telling me about one of the math lessons, it’s not all brand new information. I have a really solid basis and foundation of knowing why those things are happening, why they’re using the materials the way they’re doing it. It just all clicked together instead of trying to learn it all at one time. You have the theory and the background and then the [hands-on] practicum.” – 2015 student

3. Montessori Internship

Age of Montessori supports internships in your local area.Spend a full school year as an intern assisting a certified teacher in a fully-equipped, Montessori classroom in your local area.

Self-directed internships are also available.

We guide and mentor you every step of the way.

“I chose this course because of the flexibility it gave me. I have a two-year-old son and I needed a schedule I could work with raising him and being around him.” – 2013 student

4. Final Practical Exam and Certification

Montessori teacher certification and diplomaAfter you successfully complete these three Montessori Teacher Training steps, you take your practical exam.

Your final practical exam tests your thorough knowledge and use of the materials. Depending on student location, this exam may be held via Skype in your local area, or in-person at a residency campus.

Once you pass the practical exam, you are eligible for your MACTE-accredited Montessori Early Childhood Certification.

“I saw that you could do a course online, have that online academic component and then do the residency…that was absolutely perfect for where I was. The online component of this course was out of this world, amazing. The Residency covered so many materials and all the avenues.” – 2013 student

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MACTE Accredited – What is MACTE?

MACTE accredited Montessori teacher training online

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Early Childhood Montessori teacher education certification course level from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2026.

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Elementary I-II teacher education certification course level from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2023.

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