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Montessori in the Home

You will learn how to:

Increase harmony in your home
Nurture children’s love of order and keep your home neater
Better meet the needs of your children’s developmental stages
Prepare the environment to satisfy children’s sensitive periods
Crack the code of communication hidden behind “misbehavior”
Engage your children effectively while growing their brains and self-esteem!

Jennifer Williams, Founder of Heartmanity
Nancy McNabb, Middlecreek Montessori School Director

The Royal Road to Reading

One of the greatest challenges facing America’s families and schools is making sure their children learn to read. Not every teacher knows how to teach it. Our premier program, The Royal Road to Reading, synthesizes the latest brain research, decades of classroom experience and essential Montessori principles to give you a comprehensive, step-by-step program with an easy-to-follow sequence of activities and materials leading to early reading.
• Learn the simple steps of sounds, letters, words and sentences
• Know with confidence that the children you love will read and write successfully

Gems from the Heart of Dr. Elisabeth Caspari

Elisabeth Caspari was a student and close friend of Maria Montessori. They spent four years together in India during WWII. Caspari was a long-time friend and mentor of Age of Montessori’s Founder and Program Director, Mary Ellen Maunz and Assistant Director of Training, Randall Klein. We are going to share the story of her amazing life and some clips from our audio and video archives of her heartfelt wisdom.
•    Your opportunity to hear from a true Montessori sage
•    Hear some of her closest colleagues (including a few surprise guests) share life-changing experiences from their time with her
•    Feel the joy of this remarkable woman!

Understanding the Special Sensitivities of Today’s Children

Understanding the Special Sensitivities of Today’s Children
An overstimulated world has parents and teachers grasping for fast answers and attempting to harvest in the springtime. In this timely webinar Maureen Bright offers us keen insight into the world of sensitive children and encourages us to focus not on what is wrong but what is missing.

Presented by Maureen Bright, B.A. – Montessori Director and Teacher of  Secret Garden Montessori
Randall Klein, B.A. –  Asst. Director of Training, Age of Montessori.

Freedom within Limits

Dr. Montessori provides us with an understanding of the heart, mind, and spirit in the child. She described the essence of Montessori education as “Help to Life”. She wanted us to provide learning that would give children a knowledge to better the world.

It is essential that we’re teaching children how to interact with the world so they can be effective with the knowledge they possess. This webinar will offer practical tools so parents and educators can help children become respectful, responsible, and kind contributors to society. These tools focus on how to provide children freedom within limits because children need:

1) To feel a sense of independence and power.

2) Limits for behavior and emotional expression that are clear, consistent, and predictable.

Presented by Flora McCormick, LCPC, Parent Coach,

Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. Age of Montessori Founder and Program Director

Meeting the Needs of the Gifted Child

Are the needs of gifted children different from other children? Do gifted children always excel in school? Are gifted children equally advanced in their academic, emotional and social development?

In this webinar we will explore of the world of the gifted child – his emotional, social and academic needs. We will discuss ways that we, parents and teachers, can help the gifted child reach his highest potential.

Presented by Janet Nordemann, M.Ed., Teacher of Gifted Children and Randall Klein, B.A. Age of Montessori Master Teacher

Learning to Read Is Child’s Play, Part 2

2: The Alphabetic Principle & Letter Mastery

Children learn that letters stand for the spoken sounds of our language. Then they learn to manipulate these letters based on their sounds, to both build and read words.

Join us for an in-depth discussion on the most effective way to teach these vital skills to your children.

Presented by Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. and Randall Klein, Reading Experts and Authors of Learning to Read is Child’s Play

Learning to Read Is Child’s Play, Part 1

Part 1: Foundations of Early Reading – Phonemic Awareness
Phonemes are the sounds of the alphabet letters in spoken language. Our program shows you what skills research demonstrates are “must have” skills in working with phonemes and we will show you how to teach those skills to your child at home or your classroom at school.

with Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. and Randall Klein, Reading Experts and Authors of Learning to Read is Child’s Play

Stages of Development: Why It Matters!

with Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Program Director, Age of Montessori

Learn more about Maria Montessori’s vision of the stages of child development and how you can develop an environment and activities both at home and at school to meet the emerging needs of each stage. We will share the chart Montessori used in one of her later training courses that is not published in any of her books. Essential information for everyone who works with young children!

Expert Panel: What Every Montessori Teacher Wants Parents to Know

Facilitated by Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed.

Tech Note: Audio warbles for about 2 min. from about 5:50 – 8:00.

Join the live discussion with a group of Bozeman Montessori school directors. Each one of these directors has decades of experience with children and their parents. They will share with you tips they have learned that help parents be more successful and how cooperative partnering between parents and teachers offers the best scenario for your children.

With Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. and a Panel of Bozeman Montessori School Directors


10 Gifts for Your Unborn Child

Presented by Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. and Tani Kingston, BA

Preparing to receive a child into your home is a magnificent opportunity to become conscious parents, ready and able to offer your baby the best you can give. This webinar is about caring for your child from even before the moment of conception all the way through pregnancy to birth. From the practical to the spiritual, we will explore ten extraordinarily simple but powerful gifts you can give to enhance your unborn child’s well-being and growth.

with Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Program Director, Age of Montessori

The Heart of Montessori Elementary Education

Presented by Janet Nordemann, M.Ed. and Randall Klein, BA

In this webinar we will take a look at how Montessori elementary education goes beyond the traditional curriculum. The heart of her program exceeds just the acquisition of knowledge and developmental growth. Rather it encompasses the development of the whole child, including the child’s interest in working with others, his exploration of the moral field and his need to inquire and research.

Montessori believed that children who have a clearer understanding of the world will naturally have a better understanding of themselves, thus preparing them to enter adolescence as independent and balanced individuals, allowing them to make responsible decisions.


Sustainable Parenting

Presented by Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed.
and Flora McCormick, LCPC

Parenting tips that will help you have a more enjoyable new school year for the whole family.

Flora McCormick ( her gratitude for Dr. Jane Nelson’s work. In this presentation Flora shared some charts and information from www.Positive


Montessori Teacher Training – Live Webinar!

Presented by Mary Ellen Maunz and Randall Klein with Students who will be Montessori Teacher Interns in the fall.

Discovering the message behind the method.

Join us as the online students meet their master teachers and each other face-to-face for the first time. Hear as they share and reflect on their experiences. See why they have such a profound commitment to educating children today. Broadcast live at the annual one-month intensive training from Bozeman, MT.


Mastery, One Step at a Time

Presented by Randall Klein and Tani Kingston

Mastery One Step at a Time

Mastery One Step at a Time

How does a young child learn a complex skill such as writing, reading and understanding the base-ten system of numbers using 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s in arithmetic? We will show you, using a simple principle Maria Montessori called “isolation of difficulty.” A logical step-wise approach allows children to succeed at each sub-step of a more complex process, thereby gaining not only the knowledge, but a powerful sense of confidence.

Bridge to the Peaceful Chlid

Presented by Mary Ellen Maunz and Randall Klein


Bridge to the Peaceful Child

Bridge to the Peaceful Child

This webinar is based on Maria Montessori’s intriguing teaching on learning to see the child who is not yet there. How can we overcome our hot button reactions to our children, learn to observe them more carefully and nurture the concentration that is at the heart of every peaceful child.


The Universal Needs of Children

Presented by Mary Ellen Maunz and Randall Klein


Exploring the Universal Needs of Children

Exploring the Universal Needs of Children

An enchanting look at beautiful Montessori environments from around the world and an analysis of how and why the basic materials are the same in every school, based on these universal needs of body, mind and spirit. Focus is on the redefining of education as spontaneous activities of the child rather than what the teacher gives.

Montessori. What it is…and Why it Should Matter to You!

A Special Interactive Webinar
Presented by Trevor Eissler and Mary Ellen Maunz

You are invited to join Age of Montessori’s Mary Ellen Maunz and Montessori Madness! author Trevor Eissler for an important and timely discussion of what is going wrong in many of our traditional schools and why Montessori succeeds all over the world. You will even be able to ask your own questions via our special interactive format!

Your Presenters:

Mary Ellen Maunz

For twenty-two years, Mary Ellen Maunz worked with Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, a foremost student and personal friend of Maria Montessori. An acclaimed speaker, presenter and internationally recognized authority on Montessori principles, Mary Ellen has lectured and taught on four continents. Today, as Program Director of Age of Montessori, Mary Ellen continues to teach and spread the authentic original method and message of Maria Montessori.

Trevor Eissler

Mr Eissler is the author of Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education. His entertaining and insightful YouTube video by the same name has been viewed by thousands around the globe. He has also just written and published a children’s book entitled 4,962,571 — the first of a series of Montessori-inspired children’s books. He is a business jet pilot and lives in Texas with his wife and three children who attend Montessori school.


Replay for Webinar:
Help Your Child Access His/Her Inner Teacher



Your child has an inner teacher and so do you! Learn how to help the children you love connect with their very own inner teacher. When children experience the connection to the inner teacher and learn to rely on it, they learn better, they become calmer and more joyful.

Don’t miss this life changing webinar that will help the children in your home or in your school benefit from this powerful message.

Replay for Webinar:
What It Means to Be a Montessori Parent or Teacher

When you understand how children learn, you will naturally become better at teaching them.

This is the heart of the Montessori method. And whether you are a teacher or parent, there are simple steps you can take now to help you unfold a child’s individuality with confidence and love.

Please join us as we explore useful techniques for successfully interacting with children and promoting the harmonious development of each child’s full potential.