Age of Montessori’s Upcoming Professional Development Webinars

Age of Montessori Professional Development Webinar

Age of Montessori’s professional development webinars are a two-hour format that includes presentations complete with hand-outs. If you attend the live event, you also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the presenter.

Attend LIVE – Wednesday 4 to 6 p.m. Mountain Time USA
– OR – Catch the REPLAY ~
replays will be available within a few days of the Live Event.

Price: $50 for individuals $150 for schools or groups for 2 hour webinars

Online Payment: You don’t need a PayPal account, just click on the second option: ‘Don’t Have a Paypal Account’ and follow the instructions.

Phone Payment: We can register you from the office call: 406-284-2160

How to Join a Webinar:

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Music within the Montessori Classroom -- You can do it!

Bring the love of music to your students’ experience. Music seamlessly entwined throughout the day. Learn how to foster a love of music and build the joy of song. Rich resources will be shared. It’s practical and fun! Join us!

Music in the Classroom

Montessori Elementary Great Lessons and the Lifecycle of the Salmon

Montessori’s Cosmic Plan is introduced to children through a series of stories designed to spark the interest of children. They tell the great dramas of creation of the universe, the beginnings of life on earth, the coming of man and the stories of writing and numbers. Following the great stories, we present the great lessons of the cosmic task of each living thing and how love and intelligence, even if unconscious, guide life. The lifecycle of the salmon is an example of the great lessons in everyday life.

Lifecycle of the Salmon

Art in the Early Childhood Classroom: Yes, You Can!

Tired of the same old art activities? Feeling bored with your art area—and the children seem to be, too? Want some help creating an art curriculum that nurtures creativity, self-expression, and cultural awareness, all while supporting child development? This presentation is for the new teacher who wants help getting started or the seasoned teacher who has seen how important art is for young children.

Join us for a fun, two-hour workshop that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to breathe new life into your art lessons.

Art in Early Childhood Classroom

Montessori Applied to Elder Care and Alzheimer’s Patients

Maria Montessori’s principles of help to life and following the inner teacher are just as applicable to our elders as they are to our youngest children. Come join a vibrant discussion with Australian Montessori/Alzheimer’s expert Anne Kelly.

Montessori Applied to Elder Care

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