Father’s Day Breakfast – Banana Pecan Pancakes

Something Special for Dad on Father’s Day Sunday is Father’s Day and children enjoy making something special for Dad. This Montessori-inspired cooking idea provides a great treat for Dad and is a fantastic sensory activity for children of any age.  Children learn from exploring the sight of the ingredients, feeling the textures, smelling the spices, hearing the clink-and-whirl of […]

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You Can Teach Early Literacy Skills to your Child–Part 2

Last week’s blog introduced the five essential skills for the foundations of literacy according to Master Montessori teacher and Early Reading Specialist, Randall Klein. In the free online webinar entitled “Essential Skills for Beginning and Struggling Readers,” Randall Klein lists these steps as: Beginning sound isolation Using the alphabetic principle to identify sounds of letters […]

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You Can Teach Early Literacy Skills to your Child–Part 1

For many parents, myself included, the idea of teaching your child to read is daunting to say the least. Something that important should be left up to the experts, right? Well maybe not, especially with statistics like these (according to U.S. Department of Education): 32,000,000 adults in the U.S. can’t read 19% of high school […]

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5 Practices to Promote Peace

  I’d like to start today by sharing a haiku written by Jenny Formon, Lead Primary I Teacher at Charlotte Montessori.  Jenny asked her class what peace means to them. She was so impressed by the thoughtfulness of the answers that she was inspired to create this fantastic poem about peace: PEACE By Jenny Formon and […]

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5 Excellent Ways to Teach Empathy

Why Teach Empathy? I recently participated in a writing challenge called NAPIBOWRIWEE, or National Picture Book Writing Week.” During this event, participants are challenged to write one picture book a day for seven days. On each day of the challenge, there is an inspirational blogpost with guest authors, illustrators, editors, or agents. The first blog […]

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Top 10 Questions Parents Ask About Montessori

OK, Parents: you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Age of Montessori understands that as a parent, you’ve got some important decisions to make. And that means you’re going to have some important questions. Parents need the facts in order to make the best choices for their children, and we’d like to help. In the words […]

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