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Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Certification

MACTE-Accreditation is recognized in schools world-wide.

Your MACTE-Accredited diploma will open doors!

Course Description

This course gives you the time you need to assimilate the complete message of Maria Montessori. During the eight-months of online study, you will delve deeply into the philosophy and psychology that is the heart of the Montessori Method. In the in-person residency (check calendar for dates) you will perfect your lesson presentation skills, learn classroom songs and classroom management skills. Our faculty stays in touch and supports you as you student-teach at the school of your choice for nine-months. You will emerge as a fully-certified Montessori Teacher!


  • MACTE-Accredited
  • Certification in 18-months
  • Personal mentoring throughout the program
  • Simple, Interest-free Payment Plans Available

“… this has actually been an enlightening experience. I've been a Montessori Teacher for some years now and the Age of Montessori has helped me in my development to get a better understanding and a fuller understanding in the "why" of what I am doing...”

– Ilya / Watch the video ⟩

“With everyone being so pro-Montessori and so invested in this program you really can open up and share your beliefs, your fears, your dreams and nobody will judge you and I am very big on that. If we are all in this loving environment we can all succeed and from the instructors to the other class mates I have were just - it's this beautiful community and I love it.”

– Margaret / Watch the video ⟩

Upcoming Course Dates

How It Works

Step 1

Online course work. Study when it fits your schedule. Our knowledgeable, experienced faculty will guide you through the academic materials and interactive forums. 

Step 2

In-person Residency. Enjoy an intense 2.5 week in-person residency with the other students from your class. You will train in an authentic Montessori setting with authentic Montessori materials and our expert Teacher Trainers. For many this is the highlight of the program!

Step 3

Nine-months of student teaching in the school of your choice. Our amazing faculty support you throughout the challenges you face in this new position. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to check in at specific times?

A: No. While led by a teacher trainer, all forums and assignments will be completed on your own schedule.

Q: Is this course MACTE-accredited?

A: Yes. Age of Montessori holds MACTE-accreditation for the Early Childhood program through the year 2026.

Q: Will Montessori schools recognize this diploma?

A: Yes. MACTE is the international standard setting and accrediting body for Montessori teacher education. MACTE was granted initial recognition by the U.S. Department of Education in 1995. 

Q: What are your payment plan options?

A: Please send an email to [email protected] and they will guide you through the details and application process.

Q: As a head of school I have multiple students to enroll. Are there any discounts or customized dates we can take advantage of?

A: Yes. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to walk you through all the options. Please send an email to: [email protected]

We are the sowers - our children are those who reap. We labor so that future generations will be better and nobler than we are.”

Dr Maria Montessori