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for Teachers, Administrators, Classroom Assistants and Parents

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Age of Montessori offers you the opportunity to refresh and renew your passion for Montessori education. Broaden your understanding and sharpen your skills with AOM’s Montessori continuing education courses. Learn from our Montessori experts, faculty and specially invited guest speakers in our in-depth online 2-, 4- and 6-week online training seminars.

Montessori professional development courses for teachers

Professional Development Courses for Montessori Teachers

We all need annual professional development to satisfy our state licensing agencies but also to keep learning and growing ourselves. We are making it easy for you and your teachers to get the top notch in-depth professional development you need:

1. Professional Development Courses Online

Join an Age of Montessori course and receive hours of professional development. AOM’s two-, four- and six-week courses deliver rich and in-depth content in a warm, interactive, online environment.

AOM’s Montessori Professional Development Courses:

  1. November & December Montessori Professional Development Courses
  2. Montessori Classroom Assistants Course
  3. Infant/Toddler Assistance Course
  4. Unlocking the Mysteries of Child Development Course
  5. From Chaos to Calm: Normalization Course
  6. Child Development Course
  7. Early Reading and Writing Course
  8. How Much Freedom, How Much Discipline Course
  9. Montessori Foundations Course

2. Age of Montessori’s Professional Webinars for individuals or groups.

Age of Montessori Professional Development Webinars

Each two-hour webinar includes the online presentations plus downloadable hand-outs. If you attend the live webinar, you also have the opportunity to ask the presenter any questions you may have.

Attend LIVE or Catch the REPLAY. Replays are available within 48 hours after the Live Event.

Price: $50 for individuals $150 for schools or groups

Current Professional Development Webinars

3. Free Hour-long Webinars

Check out the Age of Montessori upcoming free hour-long webinars listed on our free webinar page. In-depth information for teachers and parents by Montessori Master teachers.

Selection of Webinar Replays are archived and available to you at your convenience.

4. Personalized Professional Development

You can also schedule professional development at your school to meet your unique needs. Master Teachers Mary Ellen Maunz and Randall Klein are available to come to your school and offer site based presentations to faculty, parents or community at large.

Contact our office to work out a plan that suits your needs:(406) 284-2160


5. Conferences

Mary Ellen and Randall are also available to deliver talks at educational conferences or to offer week-end seminars in your local area. Mary Ellen specializes in early childhood and elementary Montessori and Randall specializes in early childhood reading.

Montessori continuing education courses

Telephone: (406) 284-2160

6. Webinar Video Library

We created this super bundle of webinars that address many of the situations that Montessori teachers face every day in their classrooms. We want to prepare you with the best information available today. Sixty-seven hours of Professional Development webinars for a low annual subscription!

Full details on the Webinar Video Library.

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