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"Thousands of families all over the nation are opting out of traditional public schools. Even more are choosing not to out their young children into preschools. Due to health concerns, political activism in the schools and other personal reasons, many families are looking for the best option for their children elsewhere. Parents realize that it is they, rather than the state, that gets to decide what their children need.

Many families are not able to pay the often-high price of private schools or are on long waiting lists for their child to be accepted. Many would prefer to homeschool or perhaps join a coop of like-minded parents to educate their children the way they want."  Mary Ellen Maunz, Founder, Age of Montessori.

“Sooooo, I am one happy student of the Age of Montessori … found them on a Google search … not sure what made me choose them! I did a Professional Development course, it went really, really, well … and, so I just went right in! I’m pretty new to Montessori, and I would say that the program …”

– Anika Dixon / Watch the video ⟩

The first thing required of a teacher is that he be rightly disposed for his task.

– Maria Montessori